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Xtrem Diuretic

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HN Nutrition has developed a potent 100% natural diuretic composed by a complex of substances with a unique formula combining 27 highly effective components.

Xtrem Diuretic by HN Nutrition helps the body remove the excess fluid and fat between the skin and muscle while ensuring that the body retains the electrolytes needed for a proper function of the metabolism. 
Xtrem Diuretic promotes fluid balance ensuring strength and vitality.
HN Nutrition has developed a unique formula based on the most effective raw materials for fat burning and fluid removal to help you achieve a fat-free silhouette with limited physical activity.
Xtrem Diuretic by HN Nutrition contains large amounts of potassium to reduce and avoid the risk of muscle injuries such as cramps.
Xtrem Diuretic by HN Nutrition contains caffeine, and it is advisable to consume it at least four hours before bedtime.


       · 100% natural herbal complex
       · Optimum elimination of subcutaneous water
       · Elimination of fluid retention

       · Maximum muscle definition
       · Perfect silhouette
       · Unique composition HN Nutrition
       · Contains potassium


Recommended daily dose: from 8 capsules.

How to use: Take 4 capsules before breakfast and 4 capsules before lunch with plenty of water. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to improve the effect of the product.


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